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Newby SPT

Arthur C. Newby Elementary 
Speedway Parents and Teachers


Newby Elementary SPT would like to say THANK YOU to all of the parents and teachers who support our students and our organization throughout the school year!  

By being a member of the Newby community, you are already a member of Newby SPT. Our purpose and function are supplemental support to the school for our children to experience opportunities like going on field trips and benefit from grant money we give teachers to use on unique items in their classroom and curriculum. The more families who participate, the more we can do for our school.

Please feel free to email your comments about past activities, suggestions for future SPT-sponsored activities, or any questions you may have about Newby SPT to We also welcome you to join our closed Facebook group by searching for “Newby SPT” on the Facebook app to always have access to great information, frequent updates, and overall Newby communication.

Lastly, please make sure you’ve enrolled your KrogerPlus card in the Kroger Community Rewards program to benefit Newby. Any household you know anywhere can shop or fill up at ANY Kroger, and if their card is enrolled and scanned when shopping, Newby gets a portion of the purchase!!  It’s such easy money for our wonderful school!  Here’s how:


1)    Register online at

2)    Newby’s number is EB193 (or search by “Newby Elementary”).

3)    And… done!  Just swipe your card at Kroger like normal! Easy $$$$ for Newby!

4)    More detailed instructions are available on the “Files” tab of the Facebook Newby SPT closed group page.  Ask to join today for all SPT news!


Thank you!!