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Extracurricular Positions

  Welcome to the Speedway Public Schools Extracurricular
         Employment Section

Extracurricular Job Listings click HERE!

     *  Extracurricular Application Process:
            Detailed instructions are included in the online application program.
            It is very important that you complete the application in full.      
            The following documents are requested as attachments to your
                                   1.  Resume
                                   2.  Letter of Intent
                                   3.  Any applicable certifications

     *  Extracurricular Application click HERE!

If you do not have access to a scanner, the above documents may be mailed to:
                           John Dizney
                           Assistant Superintendent
                           Speedway Public Schools
                           5335 West 25th Street
                           Speedway, IN  46224
                           (317) 244-0236

                    Thank you for considering Speedway Public Schools in your employment search!